Saturday, February 25, 2012

who doesnt like extra donuts!?

A baker’s dozen
Why are there 13 in a baker’s dozen. I unno but in honor of my bake and take today I found out. So I guess many old societies were super strict when it came to their bakers and whether or not they were cheating their customers. In ancient Egypt if you were a shady baker that tried to skimp on stuff they would have nailed your ear to the door of their bakery and in Babylon if a baker sold a light loaf, they would have their hand chopped off.
Even in Europe in the 13th century a bread and ale statue was enacted and so bakers who cheated their customers would be subject to severe punishment, so in order to go over and NOT under, bakers just started giving a lil extra item when 12 items were purchased.
Makes sense id rather give an extra donut than  to get my hand chopped off like wise I would also like to receive said extra donut instead of having to go and snitch on a baker.… J

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