Saturday, February 18, 2012

theres a mallow in your marsh, and its delicious.

Marshmallows, I snack on them constantly. Any kind, chocolate flavored, strawberry flavored, and the more gourmet ones the better, you’ve never had a true marshmallow until you have it cut out of a pan sprinkled with coarse sugar. Simply amazing.
I knew marshmallows were a plant, but I didn’t think that actually marshmallows were made from them. In ancient Egyptian times, they would mix the sap of the plant with honey to create a remedy for sore throats. Eventually they realized it was just delicious so just started eating it as a candy. The French also use the plant to make a candy but took the piths of the roots and mixed them with sugar syrup to form a spongy treat which most resembles the marshmallows we know today. Eventually taking the roots from the plant became to labor intensive and so French confectioners developed a way to get around using the plant, by using egg whites and gelatin…This is pretty much what a marshmallow is today.
Here’s a little recipe if you want to try your hand at it.

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