Thursday, February 16, 2012

carrots! friend or foe.

Carrot juice.
I somehow in my 27 years of life have avoided carrot juice. I am a firm believer that vegetables should not be juiced. that can only produce something gross and overall not tasty. I would never buy it because well its carrots and someone took the time to squeeze them into a watery mess that was by no means appealing. So I’d buy other stuff instead, watermelon juice, yes, cucumber juice yes, juice, juice, juice. I actually am a BIG juice drinker. So today, finally when offered a glass of carrot juice. I accepted for the sole purpose of this blog. I did it for you, well more for me.
Okay, okay, here’s the thing I thought I was gonna hate it. I didn’t, it was actually really good, I like carrots, I don’t know why I would assume that the juice would be gross. It’s like ketchup or raisins. If you like grapes or tomatoes chances are you’ll like their distant cousins. Now would I go out and buy a gallon, probably not, but if someone gave me some for free I would take it, where before I would probably just throw it in the trash! So today’s new learned yet obvious fact, don’t say you don’t like something without trying it. And always try something new when offered the opportunity. So thanks Ed Rodriguez, your carrot juice offer could have quite possibly changed my life, maybe.

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