Tuesday, February 7, 2012

If eiffel in love, it would be with this tower....

The Eiffel Tower
Yea I’ve been to Europe, it was awesome, but one thing I regret is not spending the 99 Euros to fly to Paris France and see the Eiffel tower. Maybe next time… In any case, what’s the deal with it? Is it just some fancy thing someone thought up or does it have a purpose?
Turns out it was built for a contest to honor the centennial of the French revolution. Gustav Eiffel won a design contest and began building the tower in 1887, it was done and opened May 6, 1889. During the building efforts only one man died despite the open frame. I guess that’s a good thing. Once it was done a bunch of Parisians starting talking smack. They totally hated it. Little did they know it would become super iconic and make their city tourist trap central and home to like 928347935 engagements each year, (note: my number is just an estimate).  The tower was actually only suppose to stay up for 20 years. One of the requirements for the design contest was that it would be easy to dismantled. Well turns out that after those 20 years the city of Paris who now became full owner of the tower just left it up because it turned out be a super awesome radio tower to boot. So not only is it pretty, it’s handy. another fun fact is that up until 1930 it was the tallest structure in the world, the crystler building took its title.
And there you have it. Contests and enamored couples. Someday I’ll go!
wanna know more, and theres actually plenty more to learn : eiffel tower

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