Thursday, February 23, 2012

to curl

Eyelash curler
It took me a long time to discover the awesomeness that is an eyelash curler. I was not blessed with doe like eyes and my lashes are miniscule. I can still clearly remember when I used this crazy contraption for the first time and saw the results I was flabbergasted, yay finally long lashes without having to glue something to my face…I was in love. So today as I used it, I wondered when did it fist show up in American beauty products?
Turns out that the patent for the first eyelash curler was made in 1931 by William McDonnell and Charles Stickel. It was called “kurlash” and sold in stores for a dollar. Originally it did not contain the little gummy pads that today’s modern curler lash and instead it had a slightly harder rubber piece and instructed woman to slightly heat the metal portions for a better curled look.
Simple enough. still one of my favorite products to use. Even though it looks like some super mega torture device.

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