Sunday, February 26, 2012

the scarriest cereal ever

Rice crispies.
Snap, crackle pop, never made sense. It sounds more like white noise. Which in fact would make it the worlds most frightening cereal ever, what else makes noise when you eat it, and frankly if it’s making noise still chance are I don’t want to eat it.
For breakfast I had a lil bowl of rice crispies and every time I eat them I wonder if they have t add an additive to make it make the crunchy pop sound. I know sometimes I’m that dumb, haha but it turns out that its much like the pop corn process. So today I learned why do rice crispies pop.
Turns out that rice can puff and pop much like popcorn does although not as much. When the rice “pops” it creates little spaces with sealed areas inside the rice as well and when cold milk is added. Bam the walls collapse and make the pop sound!

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