Monday, February 13, 2012

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Cake mix
Cake, who doesn’t love it, it’s pretty much the most amazing thing ever, very rarely do you encounter a person who passes on a piece of cake and chances are if they do it pretty much means they are communist or suffered a tragic taste bud reducing accident. I love cake, but sometimes I’m too lazy to make it from scratch, so the good old cake box mix comes in, a few pantry staples and bam you have a delicious moist creation. So where did the first mix come from?
So basic cake and biscuit mixes existed but were kinda lame because they either weren’t tasty or they would go bad really fast. In 1947 general mills, who owned Betty Crocker developed a cake mix which suggested to housewives to “just add water and mix!” It was a long development process that took 4 years to create a perfect mix. The original just add water mix didn’t sell very well and they didn’t understand why. Turns out ironically that it was too easy for housewives to make and they didn’t trust that just adding water would create something super yums.
After several years of testing they concluded that people liked adding in their own ingredients to make the cake mix their own. So they changed it and told consumers to just “add an egg” shockingly that was enough to increase sales. The funny thing is that adding the egg pretty much isn’t needed in the mix. Its pretty much just there for sales and to make people feel better…even now, all the mix really needs is water and it would still produce a cake that’s a-okay.
So there you have it over achieving homemakers and lazy cake lovers.
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