Friday, February 3, 2012

diet soda, the worlds greatest gift.

Diet soda
Growing up I hated diet sodas I thought they were gross and disgusting and didn’t know why you would ever in your life want to drink them. Thus explaining why I was a plump lil child. Now a days I wont drink it if it’s not diet, I’ve grown accustomed to the sweet weird taste and I love it. So when was the first diet drink introduced? And who made it.
Well in 1952 kirsch bottling company from Brooklyn, New York launched a sugar free ginger ale called no-cal. Originally the drink was marketed towards people who were diabetic. In 1958 Royal crown cola launched their Diet Rite cola, fresca a citrus diet soda came on the market, and Dr. Pepper soon followed with their own version of the diet drink but these really didn’t sell that well because most people associated diet drinks with diabetic people. Pepsi was the first large company to release a diet drink called “patio” (omg like in the mad men episode!!) 1963 coca cola launched Tab, this turned sales around for diet drinks and they started to become popular. But after a scare that most of these drinks were sweetened with cyclamate a sweetener that was banned by the U.S. government for being a carcinogen. Scary! After this most formulas were reformulated to include non toxic sweeteners.
And so there you have it, diabetics and poisonous sugars! Yay diet soda!
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