Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bread twist ties will blow your mind!

By now I’m sure we all know that I love bread. I snack on it. Sweet or French breads I love them all. And while it has been a fear of mine to bake with yeast, one day soon I will, all for the love of the deliciously fresh pillowy awesomeness that is bread…okay okay so today I learned something that will forever change the way I purchase bread.
You know those lil twisty things or plastic squares that keep the store bought loaves closed? Well did you know they had a meaning? In fact each color stands for a different day of the week. Well it turns out that they do it so that it makes restocking in stores easier that way when the bread restocker guy is looking for old loaves he doesn’t have to check each one for a date; all he has to do is scan for a color. Not all bread companies however use the same color for each day, so if you’d really like to know make sure you look up your bread company online and most of them have the information publically available. This will help you always buy the freshest fluffiest bread J hurrays! my life is changed...

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