Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the scariest fire of all.

Spontaneous human combustion.
I blame unsolved mysteries for most of my unfounded fears. I remember watching it with my brother and sister when I was little. That dudes voice was scary. One episode I will never forget talked about spontaneous human combustion. I thought omg I could just catch fire randomly and die. This fear haunted me for like ever. Then yesterday as I was falling asleep for some strange reason this episode jumped into my head, why I don’t know. But I was scared and so to overcome my fear today I will learn facts about why people do or do not just catch on fire.
Classic signs of SHC are when only the person their clothing, the floor and celing above just them and the object they are sitting or laying on catches fire. Not the rest of the room, nothing else. Just them.
First theres the crazies that think that the fire was cause by a spirit or demon, scary and clearly I don’t want to even remotely imagine that this is true for fear of repetitive nightmares. Secondly, turns out that most proponents of SHC claim that people catch fire because of some static electricity charge that catches the persons clothing on fire, but most scientists say this is almost impossible because while static electricity can cause a spark, its less than a joule, which I’m guessing is super low. However I found that most people who “spontaneously combust” are old or immobile people who cannot move. And these fires usually happen when they are by themselves, and low and behold the majority are smokers. Now I don’t know about you but this seems like a recipe for disaster.  Okay now my fears are calmed. Seems like its pretty much an issue of neglected folks who cant move once on fire from an outside source. Sad and scary in a non-paranormal way.
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