Thursday, February 9, 2012

because I should probably re-read "siddartha".

Last night I had a very interesting dinner with my lovely girlfriends and over discussions of hating babies, enjoying valentine’s day, and blurting out our aggressions of the day, somewhere along the way my lovely friend Sandra mentioned wanting to learn more about Buddhism. Here’s where stuff got interesting because none of us knew anything about it except they have lil statues of happy lil bald men. Were a sad bunch I know, so this one is for Sandra who pretty much asked, what is Buddhism all about?
It’s a lot of information, I, being not a fan of organized religions, quickly realized that in reading a bunch of stuff neither do Buddhists, in fact to even refer to them as such is kinda weird. They simply put, are people who follow a very simple way of life, which is kinda nice and seems super peaceful. Rather than mess up a bunch of information I really don’t know about I’ll stick to basics.
Buddhism is based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gotama, he was super insightful dude who was born into wealth and quickly realized money doesn’t buy happiness ( and here’s where I tap out of this philosophy, because I always feel this is untrue, but okay) there are several different types of Buddhism but most follow the concept of the 4 noble truths on the path to enlightenment.
Noble truths in a nutshell according to me:
1.       Life pretty much is full of tons of suffering
2.       You suffer because you get attached to stuff.
3.       Pretty much, you can stop suffering by not being clingy and attached to stuff
4.       You gotta figure out the path to less suffering, that’s like your mega goal…aka nirvana
So there are no deities to worship ( I always thought they worshiped the lil Buddha statues, nope, they pretty much just bow to it like saying hey thanks mister your philosophies are awesome)  and I also like the fact that there are no crazy preachers taking your money. It seems more like a philosophy and way of life. Which is nice, Its always awesome when people try to be better people by becoming compassionate and awesome. So if you’re into it. Go for it!

Here is the site that gave me tons of info, rather than go more in depth, go there and get it straight from Buddhists themselves i seriously learned alot from it today.

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