Sunday, February 12, 2012

ruff rufff ruuaff.....thats dog for "im mega hungries time!"

Dog food.
I always see the freezer in the dog food isle that has the fresh food and treats for them and I wondered when this transition happened. When did putty food go gourmet but more importantly when did it actually begin. My mocha eats alpo. He digs it and he’s really picky. I’m not gonna lie we spoil him and feed him a lot of table scraps. I know I know it’s bad and you’re not suppose to but I think that’s what all ld school dogs ate anyway so :P !
Turns out that a lightning rod sales man from Ohio named James Spratt was traveling in London around 1890. During his travels he noticed that dog would hang out in the shipyards waiting for the sailor to throw leftover hardtack and rotten food to them. Spratt thought he could totally do way better than this to feed them, yea that wouldn’t be hard. So he came up with a biscuit that had grains and beef blood. It was a hit!
Canned food became popular after WWI when there was a surplus of horse meat. War efforts were now using less animal power and more machine power, so they had to do something with the horses. However canned meat for dogs became a little hard to come by during WWII because they were super stingy with tin. So kibble became king and pretty much has to this day.
And then you have it, lightning rod salesman and table scraps. Whatever you feed your pup, im sure he’ll love it!

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