Sunday, January 1, 2012

car radios, best descision ever.

I think we take it for granted sometimes, our ability to be able to crank up maroon 5 as we drive down the 101 belting out a tune as equally as awesome as Adam Levine. Certainly he would be proud that "she will be loved" is being sung by a super uncool little Mexican girl with all her heart as the people in the car next to her wonder what song shes singing with so much emphasis and snicker to themselves in superiority, oh wait that's not you? well whatever the song, it never ceases to amaze me that my ipod is connected to a little box and music comes out, its pretty awesome. so who's idea was it? yea I know the radio was invented by Tesla/Marconi (depending on who you ask) but who said I need this in my car ASAP?

Apparently, like all old timey things it started at some worlds fair in 1904 in St. Louis. Picture handle bar mustaches and lots of suspenders. Some dude was doing experimental radio stuff mainly for police use. boring. But the first installed radio can be traced back to 1922 in a Model T. Guess who was taking a road trip? the davenports. a couple? ohhh now its making more sense. some guy didn't want to travel 2000 miles listening to his wife and rather than take a long suicidal trip listening to what Charleston Betty Lou was practicing and what kind of flappery type hat she was planning to buy (by the way I'm only making old timey assumptions.) he said screw that and literally constructed a huge ginormous radio to put in his car called "the dashboard special" pictured below:

Awesome!....This one was just a prototype I suppose. The first real mass produced radios for cars that were integrated into the dash come in 1925 with the airtone 3d , made by the "Radio Auto Distributors" fancy!..
and the world instantly became a better place. Silence became a thing of the past and men everywhere rejoiced that small talk was now eliminated and women rejoiced because now EVERYONE had to hear how "amazing" their voice could be as they sang along...(haha major backfire smarty mr. davenport).

and there you have it folks.
radios, old timey people and maroon 5. I learned a lot.

need to know more?

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