Sunday, January 8, 2012

because prime minister sounds much more awesome than president.

Margaret Thatcher.

Today my lovely boy took me to see the iron lady, a movie based on the life of Margaret Thatcher. I honestly didn’t really know about her except that she was the first lady prime minister. Which is a cool accomplishment in and of its self. (and by the way the movie had her in super cute outfits) The movie was great but it inspired me to look for other information about her. And well she’s pretty much a bad ass.

In her power total personal wealth rose 80% and although there was tons of civil unrest and unemployment shot through the roof, while she was in office, I appreciate her stronghold attitude. She certainly knew that her decisions would piss people off but she knew that she was doing it for the well being of future generations. And although some wouldn’t see it that way, seeing how she was an admirer of the Regan administration. (Which frankly I don’t think are that horrible.) I think she brought new life into a country that otherwise would be sinking right now along like other European countries.

So Margaret, super stylish and general non-shit taker. Perfect. A role model for all women indeed.

want to know more?: maggie is awesome!

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