Tuesday, January 3, 2012

unexpected tacos, in unexpected locations.

Thai tacos.
Today instead of learning a new fact I opted for doing something new and…
Yes, you read that right, thai tacos, today I tried them for the first time. I had seen them several times upon my visits to “ganda” which just so happens to be in Thai Town. (located on Hollywood Blvd near Harvard St. ) I have been there to have their amazing coconut water and I always see these, along with an eclectic mix of treats that I have no idea what they are but also look equally delicious, but for some reason I felt weird trying them. I just get a little freaked out when I see them… Oh well I thought let’s do it! So I get them along with some delicious fried chicken skins and then take a bite along with Gladys and Lis who accompanied me on this tiny feat. Is it savory is it salty, I didn’t know?  It wasn’t like a typical tortilla and meaty goodness I so closely know. This looked like a cookie of some sorts. Oh sweet baby jesus the anticipation was killing me.

Surprisingly, it was like a fortune cookie with meringue on top and some kind of sugary candy/coconut thing on top of that, that looks like shredded cheese. It was like a strange cookie but yummy. The meringue gave it a sweet eggy taste. The ones that had orange coconut also had cilantro in them, what the … but hey, those were equally tasty. Overall I would totally have them again, so happy I tried them! So lesson learned today, don’t go so long without trying something, you might be missing out on something super delicious.

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