Wednesday, January 4, 2012

because you use it everyday.

You’d think that since the beginning of time as people pooped they  would wipe themselves with well, paper…was I this naïve, clearly because apparently for the longest time people used everything else under the sun except paper. Everything from corn cobs to smooth edges of broken pottery… (seriously)!
The use of toilet paper is officially recorded in 589 AD…. By the Chinese, clever. But even then after they started its use, most people felt that wiping your bottom with paper was gross and inefficient… are you kidding, no, no I’m not….as opposed to corn cobs, yea totally (insert malicious eye roll here) The Chinese even developed perfumed extra soft fabric sheets for the emperor and his family….mmm fresh and fancy.
Commercial toilet paper didn’t become common place in the United States until around 1857, Joseph Gayetty, made sheets of toilet paper and sold it in little bricks. The use of a roll wasn’t seen until around 1883 when a guy named seth wheeler patented it.
Perfect, thank you Chinese, even though your idea was originally met with ridicule, I’m glad you came up with it. S-M-A-R-T!
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