Thursday, January 26, 2012


Since I was like 13 I’ve had to wear them, although reluctantly. Once I did, reading and existing were substantially easier. I know a lot of people with glasses and now it doesn’t bother me at all, but I got super curious and wondered who was like, “yea two glass things on my eyes help me see!”
Well turns out that in the 1st century AD there are accounts that people were using large globes filled with water to see bigger text but “The first eyeglasses were made in Italy at about 1286, according to a sermon delivered on February 23, 1306 by the Dominican friar Giordano da Pisa. Giordano's colleague Friar Alessandro della Spina of Pisa (d. 1313) was soon making eyeglasses. The Ancient Chronicle of the Dominican Monastery of St. Catherine in Pisa records: "Eyeglasses, having first been made by someone else, who was unwilling to share them, he made them and shared them with everyone with a cheerful and willing heart." By 1301, there were guild regulations in Venice governing the sale of eyeglasses.
Also did you know Ben Franklin is credited with inventing bi-focals poor guy hay myopia.
So there you have it, blind Italian dudes and reading with snow globes. Thanks for making my reading time a lot easier!

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