Saturday, January 7, 2012

MOLE....yea it soulds like ole, lets all party like a stereotype!

Molé, quintessential Mexican food at its finest. To everyone else who hasn’t had this at a thousand weddings and baptisms it’s just that chicken with chocolate dish. It’s quite delicious none the less, but I really know nothing about it either, I’m a horrible Mexican. For shame.
Molé as it turns out DID originate from Puebla. My best friend Karla who happens to be from there can rejoice in this fact. The word ‘Molé’ is derived from an old nahuatl word ‘mulli’ meaning sauce (yea that’s a stretch) Although there has been several other states who try to bill it as their claim to fame, like Oaxaca, Puebla is awesome because they are the only ones who have a specific style linked to their city. Molé Poblano even comes bottled for your tasty satisfaction. There’s also a very interesting story as to how it came to be. Turns out some convent there in the city of Puebla had an unexpected visit from an archbishop. Since they were poor and couldn’t pull together a complete meal super fast. They totally just killed a turkey and threw a bunch of stuff in the pot, spices, day old bread, chocolate…and BAM culinary history.
One fun fact I totally didn’t know is that there are several colors for Molé. I am accustomed to the traditional brown/red one. But apparently there are green and black ones as well. (this would have been an awesome time to go and try some, but alas I don’t know where one can get some, when I do I’ll make sure to post it here) No two Molés are ever alike like all true Mexican dishes; everyone’s mom just makes the best one. Most Molés are based off of a chile sauce and the derivates that span from there are endless some Molés recipes are known to have as many as 40 ingredients!

So there you have it, old Spanish words and crafty nuns = Delicious chickeniness! Yum!
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