Monday, January 16, 2012

Pumba from the lion king, died to keep your teeth clean.

"Scrubby scrubby everyday to keep the pearly whites that way!", at least that’s what my pre-k teacher so ingrained in my memory from the start. And so every day I scrubby scrubby, with my trusty toothbrush, but where and who came up with needing your teeth continuously clean, must have been some smart cookie!
Toothbrushes go back as far as 3000 B.C. Ancient civilizations used chew sticks to clean their teeth, they would rub the sticks on their teeth until they were clean. Gross yet awesome, I would have used a vanilla bean stick, mmm but then I would have eaten it. In any case, animal bristle brushes came along around 1498 when the Chinese developed them.They would take boars hair and attach it to a bone handle. Surprisingly boar bristles, (yea from pumba) were used on toothbrushes well into the 1930s! After World War II they replaced the bristles with nylon.
Simple enough, from vanilla beans to pumba. Toothbrushes, because you use it everyday.
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