Tuesday, January 24, 2012

even baby jesus loved it, I like it on my pancakes.

Tree Sap
from frankincense to maple syrup tree sap is a curious thing. I always wondered why something that comes from a tree could be so delicious, fragrant and malignant. Its so contradictory.
This goes out to the wonderful Abi Nelson-Miller who like me wondered, what the hell is sap?
Tree sap, tree sap is in fact nutrients and minerals that come up from the trees roots after water and carbon dioxide are turned into sugar through some crazy photosynthesis process. It’s kind of like what blood is to humans, it provides nutrient to all the right places on the tree. The only difference is that trees turn the water into a sugary delightful pancake enhancer, while blood well is scary and gross.
Tree sap is usually collected through wounds or openings on trees that occur in extremely hot or cold weather. When it comes to maple syrup, most farms usually bore holes in the trees and collect the sap from maple that way.
Frankincense is also a tree sap that is commonly found on the Boswellia tree and is usually found in climates that are less forgiving to other trees. This sap is collected and used for various things like medicinal purposes or perfumes.
There are however some tree saps that are lame and destructive. Pine tree sap for example is one of the leading causes to mess up your cars paint job, Since most people tend to seek out parking spots under the shade of the tree, Pines usually spray out their sap which when left on your car for a long time eventually bakes with the heat of the sun and becomes a resin that requires a lot of detail work to get off and leaves you car with tons of tiny brownish red spots.
So there you have it, tree blood is delicious and can cure what ails ya and mess up your car in the process...

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