Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shampoo... the most fun word you get to say everyday.

I’m a shampoo whore, I love it, I love the way it makes my hair smell all super delicious and shiny. But the right shampoo is hard to find. I’ve used cheap 99cent store ones and expensive 29.00 a bottle ones. I like them and I like trying them. I especially like that when im dancing to some cheesy song, say something along the lines of  ‘moves like jagger’, I know I know, don’t judge me, and I fling my hair all over the place I can smell a florally sent that in turn motivates me to dance faster and faster until I’m cracking up at my manic moves. Yes, I know I’m a sad lonely girl sometimes. Wait what was I talking about… oh yea shampoo.
Where did it come from? Well I’m sure people everywhere used soap at first to wash their hair and I was right, but it left your hair all gross and dull looking. The word shampoo is actually derived from a Hindi word ‘champo’ which was actually a form of scalp massage. Shampoo the word and the service of head massage were introduced to Britain by a Bengali entrepreneur named Sake Dean Mahomed. He opened a steam bath in Brighton, England where he offered his “shampoo treatments”
Shampoo for the hair started to shift form the massage to the actual washing of the hair in 1860. The first shampoo that started to use synthetic stuff to clean the hair better was called ‘drene’ and sold in 1930.
So 99 cent shampoos to awesome Hindi head massages. Shampoo is a wondrous thing indeed.
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