Wednesday, January 18, 2012

wrinkles in time.

I love bubble baths, and plain baths. It’s like your own personal pool…sure you can’t swim but sitting in warm delicious water while contemplating your day is always amazing. The one thing I know is that I didn’t have a good bath if my fingers didn’t get wrinkly. The longer I sit the more old lady they become, I always wondered why.

While you sit in the bathtub washing the world’s worries away, the dead keratin cells on your hands and feet soak up all of water they can drink. (maybe they had a bit to much alcohol the night before …ahaha get it get it, okay I’ll stop) This absorption causes the surface area of the skin to swell, but the outer layer is super attached to the tissue underneath and so our skin tries to compensate for the increased surface area, and it wrinkles.

So why does this only happen to your lil hands and feet and not the rest of you, ewww imagine if every time you took a shower you came out all pruney…haha well it only happens to your hands and feet because the hands and feet have the thickest layer of dead keratin cells and your other parts are soft and supple and so no wrinkles.
So from bubble baths to prunes..Fascinating. Our bodies are super weird.

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