Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chocolate milk, because milk was to healthy alone.

Chocolate milk
I remember when I was a kid I would fight other kids for the last chocolate milk pint at school. Victory would be mine, and it usually was. I still love chocolate milk, I’m a sucker for Ovaltine, that’s what my mom would make us and now I can’t imagine cheating on it with Quik or Hershey mix. Unless its strawberry quik, then okay cause that stuff is just as addicting.
Surprisingly, I never wondered who was the first genius to mix milk and chocolate.
Sir Hans Slone was an Irish Physician and collector of objects and curiosities. In fact most of the stuff he had in his collection became the basis for the British Museum. Around the year 1715 Sloan traveled to Jamaica in search of stuff to collect. There he noticed that locals would mix cocoa with water. He was like, that’s kind of gross but okay, and then he’s like this would be awesome with milk. So when he went back to England, he took the cocoa recipe back with him. First, apothecaries sold it as a remedy and medicine for stuff… (mmm if only it would have worked, clearly it’s a medicine for bad days and broken hearts. Chocolates good for that.. ) but closer to the 19th century the Cadbury brothers sold ‘sloanes drinking chocolate’ in little tins. (mmm their chocolate Cadbury eggs are amazing) and TA-DA! yums icy cold chocolate milk!
So there you have it, from English noblemen to awesome jamaicans! Thank you for producing the beverage of my choice.
chocolate milk dude: hans sloane

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