Saturday, December 31, 2011

One More Day.

This last year has been really good to me. In a way thats different from any other year before, but somehow I still think I could have done a bit more to make it extraordinary. I thought of all the things I could do or change for the coming year that would inspire me to be a better person than I am now, and all I could really think about was trying or learning or doing new things throughout the year that I have never done before.Im pretty cozy when it comes to love and friends and family. I have an amazing boyfriend, super delicious friends and a family that cares for me.I thankfully do not lack in those areas, but I feel like theres this big missing gap I need to fill in my life with boatloads of knowledge, :D. It seems simple enough, so this year, I will try to learn or do something new all 365 until the next year. This means going out and discovering new places, new foods, new people. doing random stuff ive always put off, or something as simple as learning a new fun fact about the world. Im excited! Be prepared to follow me as I take on this new little journey! cheers! and lets hope 2012 is as awesome as I imagine it to be!

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