Wednesday, March 28, 2012

where saying you suck is an accomplishment.

Drinking straws.
Today as I sat across from my lovely boy at shakeys I played endlessly with my straw as he made me laugh with super inappropriate jokes, its okay that’s totally how we roll. But I started to think about straws and where they came from. Turns out they’re super old. The oldest straws have been found in ancient Sumerian villages which were made out of gold and probably used to drink beer since there would be a lot of sludgy stuff on the bottom of their glasses. They have also been found in old Argentinean and surrounding areas made of silver and used for drinking yerba mate tea.
The modern day straw was invented by Marvin C. Stone in 1888. While he was dinking a mint julep, he was using an old fashioned reed straw made from a reed plant, but he noticed that it gave the drink a weird flavor, instead he rolled a piece of paper on a pencil and drank it from that. Eventually he began to coat the papers with wax and that’s how the modern day straw was born
So from drunken Sumerians to drunken Americans, I’m glad liquor prompts ideas!.

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