Monday, March 26, 2012

bees, likeable events, detestable insects.

When I was in 4th grade I was in the school spelling bee, I was awesome, I studied so many word lists and my vocabulary sky rocketed, and to this day I am still so angry that I was disqualified for the word “seventeen” one of the stupid judges said I didn’t say the second e. wtf I had just spelled pedometer, you really think I wasn’t gonna know how to spell seventeen…yea, grudges, anyway why is a spelling bee called a spelling bee, here’s a quick excerpt from this site: spelling bees! which taught me why.
While no one knows exactly where the word derives from, the “bee” in “spelling bee” simply means something to the effect of “gathering” or “get together”.  The earliest documented case of this word appearing with this meaning was in 1769, referring to a “spinning bee”, where people would gather to protest purchasing goods from Britain due to the high taxes on those items.
Other gatherings that were commonly labeled with “bee” were: apple bee, logging bee, quilting bee, barn bee, hanging bee, sewing bee, field bee, and corn husking bee, among others.  Basically, any sort of major competition or work gathering, with a specific task in mind, tended to get the “bee” label added on the end.  With many of these bees being tedious work events, it was also customary to serve refreshments and provide entertainment at the end of the task.
The first documented case of a spelling bee called such was in 1825.  However, it is likely that there were spelling bees before this date.  This was simply the first time someone seems to have written down in print that has survived to today “spelling bee”.”

Awesome!...ima have a cookie bee! Who wants to join me!

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