Saturday, March 3, 2012

i thought it was because you said mmmmmm when you ate them...

You put any type of chocolate in front of me, and chances are I’m going to eat it. Deliciousness! M&M’s are however some of my favorite in sharing situations. I give you two and I eat 3 and so forth…until all said lil chocolaty nuggets are gone from the bag. Yes, that is fair. So where did the  name M&M name come from?
Well it turns out it’s actually a boring reason. I don’t know what I thought it would stand for but I didn’t think it would just be names. Turns out that there was 2 chocolate men that formed together to make a WWII chocolate awesomeness super power! In 1941 Forrest Mars sr. from the mars candy company saw that there was totally gonna be a chocolate shortage when WWII started and he wanted to develop a new hard shelled chocolate so he called Bruce Murrie who’s dad was William Murrie aka Hershey chocolate president. Mars and Murray made a deal and bam! M&M’s were born.
So there you go war time troubles and rich dudes getting richer. Whatever I’ll take those peanut butter M&M’s any day!

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