Wednesday, March 21, 2012

first shopping carts now meters, oklahoma city is on a roll.

Parking meters
Today I had to park at a meter, oh bane of my existence as I so very rarely carry quarters. So in my head I thought who the fuck came up with this idea and was mad.
So today I learned about the ultimate douchebag that designed metered parking. Just another way to suck money from me, really im just mad cause I had no change. I seriously have no problem with the new card reader meters…haha
Holger George Thuesen and Gerald A. Hale designed the first working parking meter, the Black Maria, in 1935.The world's first installed parking meter was in Oklahoma City on July 16, 1935. The city of Oklahoma paid these engineers to design them. I totally woulda been like “NO!”  but that’s just me. Also another curious fact is that since these worked so effectively it really didn’t have to change until the early 80s when they installed digital times rather than the little needle that pointed to the time. In the late 90s meters began taking credit cards. Thanks, I guess. Also another fun lil fact, In New York City the term meter maids was born because they only hired women to check out the meter times. It was until 1967 that they hired a male meter maid…hehehe

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