Wednesday, March 7, 2012

byes are ever rarely good. but okay, i get it now.

I realize that this would be an awesome thing to post at the end of my blog like forever, oh well I learned this today and it blew my mind because we so rarely think where everyday words come from. Today I learned the origin of the word goodbye.
Goodbye” comes from  the phrase “God be with ye”. Which first appeared as “godbwye” think of it as the “btw” of the year 1565 and 1575. “The first documented use of the “Godbwye” appeared in a letter English writer and scholar Gabriel Harvey wrote in 1573.  In it, he wrote, “To requite your gallonde of godbwyes, I regive you a pottle of howdyes.”  As time went on, it is believed the phrase was influenced by terms like “good day” and “good evening”, transitioning then from “god be with ye” to god-b’wye to good-b’wy and finally ending in today’s blessing of goodbye.”
Crazy, I wonder if in years to come “lol” will refer to laughing in general...language is such a fascinating thing!

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