Friday, March 2, 2012

$ - because whenever i write the money sign, i have to say cha-ching!

I love money, who doesn’t? and popular to contrary belief I’m pretty sure money can buy happiness, because I sure as hell know it wouldn’t hurt. If you would like to test this theory please send me money and lets see if it affects my happiness the more you send the happier I’ll probably be. At least that’s my theory…
Anyway why do we use $ for our currency and where did it come from. Well it turns out that the first written documentation was in the 1770’s when it was found on some paperwork for transactions between English Americans and Spanish Americans. Before this people would use the Spanish abbreviations “p” for pesos . when people would have 1 peso they would write it as 1p but if there was more than one they would use “ps“. eventually the s just merged with the p, and created the modern day sign we know today. Soon after the U.S. began minting its own coins and the symbol became known for U.S. currency.

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