Tuesday, March 6, 2012

birthday yums!

I love all cookies but oreos, hld a special place in my heart. Theres nothing more satisfying that duinking them in milk and having them melt in chocolately goodness in your mouth. So Happy birthday Gladys and oreos! today while my very lovely friend Gladys is turning a mere 27, the oreo cookie is turning 100 years old today!.
So in honor of its birthday here are some fun oreo facts I learned today.
Oreo sells 95 million cookies in over 100 countries.
In other parts of the world they have different flavor or the cookie like berries and mango flavored. And in mexico they even have an oreo that’s filled with cookies and cream fliing. Which in fact wuld turn out to be an oreo stuffed with a crushed up oreo…lol
The name oreo comes from the French word for gold ("or") because the cookies once came in golden packaging.
“It takes 59 minutes for a bakery to make an Oreo.
The tiny pattern pressed into the wafer is a combination of 12 flowers (each made of 4 triangles), 37 dots, and 12 dashes. Each cookie also has 90 ridges running along its edges.”
Yay oreos!
want to know more: oreo fun facts

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