Monday, April 9, 2012

spicy spicy pepperoni!

Pizza, I have French bread, salami and cheese in my fridge so I’m totally gonna make a pizza, but today I learned something interesting, did you know you can’t get a pepperoni pizza in Italy? Yea, seriously keep on reading.

“The term pepperoni is a corruption of peperoni, the plural of peperone, the Italian word for pepper (the vegetable, not the spice). The first reference using pepperoni to refer to a sausage dates to 1919. Throughout continental Europe, peperone is a common word for various types of capsicum, including bell peppers and a small, spicy and often pickled pepper known as peperoncino or peperone piccante in Italy and peperoncini or banana peppers in the U.S. Unlike in Europe, the English word pepperoni is used as a singular uncountable noun.
To order a very similar food in Italy, one would request salamino piccante to get a spicy sausage made only of pork and beef. Usually the Italian name for a pepperoni pizza is pizza alla diavola (pizza devil-style, very similar in appearance to the pepperoni pizza).” – wikipedia

How funny, I’ve always wondered how awesome the pizza in Italy would be. Now if I ever go I’ll know how to order them!

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