Wednesday, April 4, 2012

short attention spans beware.

My attention span is short, at least when it comes to movies, I always admit that to myself, so when someone asked if I wanted to go see the re-release of titanic, I cringed, first of all, I thought it was a blah movie, secondly its long as fuck. There’s only so much cheesy Leonardo Di Caprio one can take in one sitting and this is definitely more than humanly possible. So then I wondered, what’s the longest movie ever made?

“The Cure for Insomnia, directed by John Henry Timmis IV, was officially the world's longest movie, according to Guinness World Records, as of its release in 1987. Running 5,220 minutes (87 hours, or 3 days and 15 hours) in length, the movie has no plot, instead consisting of artist L. D. Groban reading his 4,080-page poem "A Cure for Insomnia" over the course of three and a half days, spliced with occasional clips from heavy metal and pornographic videos.
It was first played in its entirety at The School of the Art Institute in Chicago, Illinois, from January 31 to February 3, 1987, in one continuous showing. It was never released to the public, but had it been made available on DVD, it would have been about 22 discs” – wikipedia

Of course some artsy dude would be responsible, but I’m curious, I wouldn’t mind seeing a chunk of it.

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