Sunday, April 8, 2012

at the pump.

I pump gas quite frequently; yea I love in California when gas costs an arm a leg and a little bit of scavenger hunting. You mean you saw gas at under 4 dollars, im on it, and you scour the city searching for this elusive pump, all the while ironically wasting more gas…in any case have you ever wondered why gas is “unleaded” and why would it ever have been leaded, isn’t it super dangerous, yea it is.
So in the early 20s some snazzy general motors scientist added Tetraethyl lead to their plain old gasoline and low it behold it was awesome, it solved all kinds of old timey car problems and pretty much just made everything run smoothly. So they figured hey why not mass produce it. So they did and workers started to drop like flies, seriously you guys its lead and super poisonous. So no one really cared until the summer of 1924 when over 45 employees became super duper sick and 5 people died. So in 1925 they held a summit and pretty much decided people dying wasn’t enough to have em stop producing it, kinda like the benefits for society outweighed a few deaths… sucks I know, but it wasn’t until 1974!, yea it took that long, for them to finally say, hey seriously you guys, no more lead, and It was completely phased out in 1995.
And there you have it, healthier happier earth friendlier gas. J

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