Tuesday, April 10, 2012

blood what?

Today I found out what a blood chit is, yea a blood chit. It sounds crazy and scary and frankly I thought it was some kind of beef product….apparently it’s something that military personnel carry around with them in different languages so that just in case they get lost, they will be able to seek help from the people around them even though they don’t know the language. The blood chit usually has a message that promises the reader a reward if they feed and take the military person somewhere safe.
Pretty awesome and smart. The first letter that was like a blood chit was issued by George Washington to balloonist Jean Pierre Blanchard who was flying the states in a ballon and since no one knew where he would land, George Washington issued a reward to anyone who would help him on his letter.
and just in case you were wondering "Chit is a British English term for a small document, note or pass; it is an Anglo-Indian word dating from the late 18th century, derived from the Hindi citthi." -wikipedia

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