Tuesday, May 8, 2012

a tasty treat NOT named after a literary classic.

I needed chocolate today and bad, so since im trying very very hard to watch what i eat. yea i know lame, i set out to get one of the most satisfying candy bars with minimal calorie damage, cue the 3 musketeers...their clever maketing campaign got me to choose them and i was super satisfied.
so when i found out the original story about name of the bar i got really sad, how much more amazing would they have been if they kept all three flavors....awww they should make a nostalgia version!.

"The 3 Musketeers Bar was the third brand produced and manufactured by M&M/Mars, introduced in 1932. Originally, it had three pieces in one package, flavored chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, hence the name. Rising costs and wartime restrictions on sugar saw the phasing out of the vanilla and strawberry pieces to leave only the more popular chocolate. Costing five cents when it was introduced, it was marketed as one of the largest chocolate bars available, one that could be shared by friends." -- wikipedia

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