Saturday, May 5, 2012

laughing cures my hiccups.

f all the wierd things your body can do, I think hiccups have to be the most annoying one. I hate them. so today i found out that there are types of hiccups and what could cause them. Now i know what to avoid.

"In medical terms, a hiccup can be called a hiccough, a synchronous diaphragmatic flutter, or singlutus. Hiccups are classified into three categories: normal, protracted or persistent, and intractable. Protracted are those hiccups that last over 48 hours, but not more than one month.  Intractable hiccups continue for more than one month. If hiccups occur for less than 48 hours, they are considered ‘normal’.

Precisely what causes this complex involuntary reflex action is still up for debate, though it is known that there are some common mediators that trigger the reflexes. Common causes are things like: eating excess amounts of food; eating spicy foods; sudden changes in stomach temperature, such as can happen when eating something hot and washing it down with an icy drink; consuming large amounts of alcohol; exhaustion; or malnutrition." -

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